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Michael Pacheco

Concertino Conductor / Manager

Michael Pacheco has been teaching violin and strings in Pueblo for over a decade.
He received a Bachelors of Arts in Music Education from Colorado State University Pueblo and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Western

Governors University. He currently teaches K-5 General Music at Liberty Point Elementary School in Pueblo West. When not teaching Michael loves to read,
solve rubik's cubes, and learn traditional fiddle and klezmer tunes.


The goal of the Pueblo Youth Symphony Concertino is to help beginning string students build ensemble skills and social connections within the Pueblo community. We will focus on basic ensemble skills such as teamwork, following a conductor, and practice techniques. Throughout the semester we will work on simple literature and perform within
the community.


Recommendation from private lesson teacher or school program teacher attesting that the student: Has played their instrument for at least 1 year (less if student has received private lessons),

can read/play simple melodies in
D Major and G major, and can read/play quarter/eighth/half/whole notes/rests


Students of PYS Concertino are expected to: Practice their instrument daily, be willing to take risks and make mistakes, be willing to work with other adults and students, and continue participation in school ensembles
and/or private lessons


Parents of PSY Concertino students expected to:

attend one parent meeting at the beginning of each semester (during the first rehearsal), communicate schedule conflicts and absences to the PSY Concertino director, ensure that students practice throughout the week, be willing to volunteer to chaperone students in the hallways during rehearsal, and participate in fundraising and other events
as needed


All auditions will be pre-recorded and videos should be sent to michael.pacheco92@gmail.com

Please submit a video recording of the student playing:

A one octave D major scale


One piece (at least 8 measures long) of the students choosing
(from a method book is fine!)


The excerpt below for their instrument

Video auditions must be submitted by Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Pueblo Youth Symphony is excited to announce the auditions
for the 2023-2024 Pueblo Youth Symphony

Pueblo Youth Symphony Concertino PACKET 2023-24 (pdf)

2023 Concertino audition material =VIOLIN (pdf)

2023 Concertino audition material =VIOLA (pdf)

2023 Concertino audition material =CELLO-BASS (pdf)